How to buy dairy products in Australia

Dairy products are a major part of the Australian diet, but what about other foods like eggs, fruit, nuts, seeds and vegetables?

That’s the question we asked our experts.

In this episode of the Financial Review podcast, we discuss the different types of dairy products available in Australia and the best way to buy them.

We also answer some questions from listeners about their dairy buying habits.

1:00:00 What’s in milk?

What’s the difference between dairy products?

What are the main ingredients of milk?

How does milk compare to other dairy products, and what can I expect out of it?

12:55:40 Why are some dairy products cheaper than others?

13:02:40 What are some of the main reasons people buy dairy?

15:07:40 Can dairy products be labelled?

16:04:30 What is a milking cow?

16,000 people have died from dairy related deaths in Australia since the start of the century, including dairy farmers and the vast majority of people who consume milk and other dairy-related products.

The number of cases has dropped in recent years, but the problem is still being recognised.

We’ve written extensively about the problems caused by this problem, and how to make the most of it.

We look at how you can reduce your risk of dairy-associated diseases, and whether you can get a good deal from a dairy product.

What’s next: How to get the best deal from milk: tips on avoiding cheese, yogurt, and cheese-related illnesses.

17:07.30 How to avoid dairy-induced illnesses: tips for avoiding cheese-induced illness.

18:11.30 Why is milk so expensive?

19:01.30 Are dairy products more expensive because they contain more milk?

20:13.30 What are other health risks associated with milk?

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