Australia’s dairy farmers have a new pet: The craving dairy

Australian farmers are making the biggest shift in the industry’s history, as demand for dairy products continues to skyrocket.

A number of major Australian producers, including Fairfield Dairy, have recently made moves to introduce new pet-friendly milk, milk powder and cheese products.

“A lot of farmers have been wanting to introduce a more sustainable milk, a more humanely produced milk and a better quality cheese,” said Fairfield farmer Elaine Hensley.

But, while some of the dairy products are on the market now, some are not.

“There’s a lot of confusion,” Ms Hensleys said.

“Some of the cheese is not on the dairy product.

We don’t know where it’s coming from, we don’t have any information about what it’s made from.”

Some of these products are only available in the country, or only available to certain farmers.

Farmers are hoping that by offering these new products to the market, they can drive demand for their products and improve their profit margins.

“We are now seeing more and more people coming in to buy our products and more and better quality milk,” Ms Stenner said.

There are some farmers who have even gone to extremes, to try and breed cows to make a product that is as natural as possible.

“It’s been a real challenge for a lot people who’ve been trying to breed the cows to produce milk,” she said.

In some areas of Queensland, farmers have gone even further, to create a hybrid dairy that is 100 per cent dairy.

In the case of the Cowbell Dairy, the milk and cheese was originally made from cow’s milk, but was changed to cow’s cheese in a bid to create the perfect cow-only milk.

“Our cows were so happy to be able to produce the milk, that they were happy to breed their own milk,” said Ms Stensner.

“The milk was actually more natural, more tender, more purer, more nutrient rich than other milk.”

Farmers in other areas are also looking to the dairy as a tool to boost their profits.

In Victoria, farmers in the Fraser Valley region are turning to a different method for making dairy products.

“We’ve got to take a look at what we’re doing in the dairy industry and the way that it’s managed, and what the best way to manage it,” Ms Moller said.

Some farmers are not even able to grow their own dairy.

“When we had to stop selling the milk for three years, it was a massive blow,” Ms Ayliffe said.

Ms Ayliff has now moved the farm to a new farm, and will not sell the milk again.

She said it’s hard to compete with other dairy farms in the area.

“I would love to grow my own dairy, but there’s a few farmers out there that don’t even want to talk to us,” she told 7.30.

She also has some ideas for how the dairy can be improved, including improving the quality of the milk.

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