Why don’t we stop drinking soy milk and go to the beach?

This year’s Great Australian Sand Dunes is set to open on July 31, with visitors to the iconic beaches of South Australia enjoying the views from the sand.

But as the popular South Australian beaches and beaches of the Great Barrier Reef are closed for the summer, a few things have emerged to mark the milestone.

We’re told the Great Sand Dune Surf Resort and Campground in North Bundaberg, which is due to open this week, is the first tourist attraction to be closed due to sand and coral bleaching due to global warming.

The sand-and-coral barrier reef is in the midst of a massive bleaching event.

Photo: Daniel Munoz”It’s an incredibly unique beach that is a spectacular place to have an amazing beach experience,” South Australian tourism and tourism manager Dr David Rafferty told The Next Week.

“There’s a lot of water in the sand and a lot more people that go out and spend money on it, so it’s definitely something that is worth the effort.”

Dr Rafferte said while the Great Australian sand dunes would be closed for a while to cool down the air temperature, the resort and campground would be open.

The resort will be open, but it will be a limited access beach.

“The resort and the campground will be closed in the summer to allow for cooler temperatures and to cool off the air temperatures,” he said.

“But the resort will reopen in the autumn.”

But the Great Southern beach will be opened in the winter for beach and surf activities.

“It will be more accessible and the beach will get a lot cooler, but there will still be a great view of the sand,” Dr Rafferite said.

He said it would be the first time in history that Great Australian beaches would be opened to visitors.

“People have been coming to the beaches and the beaches are great,” he explained.

“This is a unique opportunity for the people to come to Great Southern Beach and enjoy that beach and be able to enjoy the Great South Australia coastline.”

The Great Sanddunes are in South Australia’s Great Barrier Archipelago, which includes the Great Western Beach and South Sand, and the Great Northern Beach.

They are one of South Australian’s most famous beaches, and it is famous for its stunning views.

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