‘Toxic’ dairy products may be more common than previously thought – EU official

A toxic milk product produced in Turkey and exported to the EU is one of many examples of the products causing serious health problems in Europe, according to a new report.

Key points:Toxic milk products are more prevalent in the EU than previously knownToxic products from Kerrygold, which has been supplying milk to EU countries for decades, have been found in the countries of Ireland, Germany and GreeceToxic dairy products were detected in EU countries of Albania, Belarus, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Estonia, Finland, France, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia and TurkeySource: Irish TimesThe report, published on Thursday, says the EU has a “disease-driven approach” to milk and dairy products that may be contributing to the rise of the ‘super-toxic’ products.

The report said EU countries are “at risk” of contamination from the toxic products as well as from other sources.

Toxic kerosene used in cooking, milk production and animal feed are also contributing to rising levels of foodborne illnesses.

“The EU is in a critical period in terms of food safety,” said Dr Joanne Murphy, lead author of the report and professor of public health sciences at the University of Central Lancashire.

“Foodborne illness is an emerging risk to public health, as we face a global pandemic of food-borne illnesses linked to contaminated food, such as the pandemic for which the European Commission has pledged €1.2 billion.”

We are also facing a public health crisis, as more and more people are struggling to cope with the effects of chronic disease and the consequences of the economic crisis,” she said.

The EU has already pledged an extra €500 million to help tackle food poisoning.

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