A new wave of food trucks and barber’s products is coming to Los Angeles, LAX and Orange County

A new generation of food truck drivers is coming into Los Angeles and Orange Counties, with many seeing a change in their business model.

In the last three years, there has been a surge in food truck growth across the region, with Los Angeles becoming the first major city to open up shop.

According to the LA County Department of Transportation, in the first quarter of 2017, more than 10,000 food trucks have opened up across the city.

It’s a number that has remained steady through the holidays, as a handful of companies, like Food Basket, The Farm, Fresh Meats and Green Cauldron have already announced plans to open shop this year.

And, for the first time in LA, more food trucks are coming to Orange County, a region that has long been considered a food desert.

Food Baskets, a popular restaurant chain that has opened up shop in downtown Los Angeles in the past year, is planning to open a second location in downtown Orange County in the coming months.

The restaurant’s owners said that they hope to make their new location more convenient for people who want to eat at home while also providing customers with a place to sit, eat and hang out while enjoying their food.

“We want to make our Orange County location the most convenient, convenient place in Orange County for people to come to,” co-owner Mark Bekovic told the LA Times.

“It’s going to be our most popular restaurant, so we’re definitely going to get some people coming here.”

But Bekovich isn’t stopping there.

FoodBasket is also opening a third location in Downtown LA in 2017, and Fresh Meals has also started a new location in the area, in a building that once housed a liquor store.

It remains to be seen whether they will be able to compete with the likes of FoodBaskets and Fresh Mates, which have a large presence in downtown LA.

But while some people may not want to spend their evening in a restaurant, others might not have the time to wait for a table.

Some businesses are already looking at expanding their offerings beyond the comfort of their homes, and are hoping to attract more customers to their restaurants.

For example, Green Cauldrons is looking to build out its retail space in the heart of downtown Los Feliz, and it recently announced plans for a new food truck to be located in its space.

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