How to take your milk with you to the grocery store

You’re not going to go out of your way to buy dairy products at the grocery.

You might buy them to make your coffee, but not necessarily to drink.

And while the ingredients are usually the same, the prices are quite different.

If you want to avoid a trip to the store, there are some great alternatives.

Here are some of the best dairy-free grocery stores in Canada.


Elaine Dairy Products, 730 King Street West, 416-764-0403,

1,936, 728-8888, 1.

Nipko, 1231 Jarvis Street, 416 857-0021, 1-800-263-9911, 1.

Pannemore Foods, 855 Queen Street West East, 416 902-9850, 2.

Stellan’s Market, 1175 King Street East, 647-444-0028, 2.

Minto Foods, 467 King Street, 646-939-2280, 3.

Mogo, 526 King Street South, 613-482-4226, 4.

Crave Organic, 1095 Kingsway West, 514-645-1215, 5.

Saguenay Farms, 611 King Street North, 416 784-2552, 6.

Hometown Markets, 1016 Kingsway East, 805-726-2850, 7.

Hennessey Foods, 1185 King Street Western, 416 476-8855, 8.

The Garden Grocery, 985 Queen Street East East, 905-541-7560, 9.

Pancho’s, 569 King Street Central, 416 562-1223, 10.

T’ang, 2222 King Street Southeast, 617-928-5200,

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