What are some things you should know about the “coconut butter” scandal

I am the first person to publicly accuse Joe Biden of having a secret stash of coconut butter.

I’m not the first to do so.

But now I’m sharing with you the information that the mainstream media hasn’t been able to report.

I don’t have the guts to go public with it.

It’s just too embarrassing for my family.

And I don, too.

And for all the other people who are still in denial, this is just too much to bear.

So, here it is.

The story behind the coconut butter scandal.

What happened?

In August 2017, Biden was running for president as a Democrat.

He was a senator from Delaware.

He ran for president in 2020.

He lost.

In the general election, he won the popular vote by more than 2 million votes.

He won the Electoral College.

He carried the Electoral Vote.

But then the press got hold of the story, and they started digging into the facts.

They found that Biden had donated $200,000 to the Democratic National Committee, and that he had been a regular contributor to the party.

They also found that he was a paid consultant to the Clinton Foundation.

They did all of this, they wrote, to curry favor with Biden, who would later use the funds to finance a new super PAC, American Bridge 21st Century.

The Clinton campaign was not happy with the story.

The campaign was worried that the media would go after the donor list and the money he donated to the DNC and the Clinton foundation.

And Biden’s team, the press office said, had tried to downplay the contribution and the donations.

The Biden campaign told the press it had no knowledge of the donor lists.

It said it had not paid the DNC $3 million.

It had only paid the foundation $2 million.

And the press, they said, would not be allowed to ask Biden about the donations because the story was “too explosive for him to address.”

So Biden’s campaign decided to call the press secretary, Matt Rhoades.

The press secretary called Joe Biden’s chief of staff, Jennifer Palmieri.

They had never met.

Palmieri told Palmieri that she had seen Biden donate to the DCCC and that she was “confident that we were doing everything we could to protect the candidate’s right to run a campaign.”

Palmieri said that she could not comment on what the campaign was doing to protect Biden’s right as a candidate to donate to his campaign.

Palmiers chief of research, Jon Finer, was also with Palmieri at the time.

He said he had never spoken to Biden.

Palmier said that he and Finer had spoken on the phone about how to deal with the campaign.

“He told me that I could have my own people check into the campaign and ask him to step down if he was making any contributions to the campaign,” Palmieri recalled.

But she was concerned about what the media might do with the money the Biden campaign had given the DNC.

So Palmieri and Finier called Biden’s communications director, Jesse Ferguson.

The conversation between the two began with Finer telling Palmieri: “We need to know if Joe is donating money to the Trump campaign.”

“If you’re making a donation to the Hillary campaign, why are you making a contribution to the Biden’s?”

Finer asked.

“Because I think the Biden would be happy with that,” Ferguson responded.

“I mean, why would you donate money to a candidate who’s not in your pocket?”

Finger asked.

But Finer said he could not answer Finer because the campaign had not yet received the donation list.

He then asked Ferguson to send a list of Biden’s donors.

Ferguson said that the list was being sent to the vice president’s chief strategist, Tad Devine.

Ferguson told the vice-president to forward the list to Devine, and the two exchanged text messages.

The next day, Ferguson wrote: “Hello Joe.

We’re sending this list to Tad Devines chief of strategic planning and all of the people who have donated to this campaign.

I know it’s been in the works for a while.

We want to make sure that Tad and his team are aware of all of our efforts.”

In the text messages, Devine asked Ferguson if he knew what the Biden family was doing with the donations and if they had any concerns about any potential conflicts of interest.

Ferguson replied that he did not.

He told Devine that he didn’t know who Joe Biden was donating to and that it was the same donor list that Palmieri had received.

“Do you know who the person who donated the most to the [DNC] is?”

Devine wrote.

“If not, I have to tell you that I don ‘t know.”

Ferguson said he did know who it was, and then he mentioned the donor names.

“Joe Biden,” Ferguson wrote.

But Ferguson’s description of Biden as a “dishwasher” did not match the information he had

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