Dairy products drawing controversy

Dairy products have drawn controversy over their links to mental illness.

The ABC’s FourFour Two has been investigating the links between dairy products and mental health, after reports surfaced last year about the popularity of the brand “DiDiaDia”.

The company says the “dairy-like” flavours of its products are not meant to cause illness, but they do not mean people who are sensitive to dairy products are healthy either.

“These products are designed to create a ‘natural’ and balanced milky taste, while also not being high in fat, sugars or salt,” the company says.

“They are designed for people who have an eating disorder or have other eating issues that are sensitive or sensitive to milk products.”

All dairy products that we sell are 100 per cent dairy-free.

Our aim is to give you the best possible nutritional and health benefits, and that means you don’t have to choose between your health and your food.

“The company has been contacted for comment, but said it would not comment further until it was contacted by the ABC.

In February, the Australian Medical Association (AMA) voted to recommend that dairy products not be labelled as containing “milk”, “milky” or “high fat” products, in order to avoid confusing consumers with the health claims made by the company.

The AMA also voted to remove dairy from the Australian Dietary Guidelines (ADGs) as a healthy food.

The group says the decision “should be taken with caution, given the growing body of evidence about the health benefits of dairy”.

It also says the advice is not based on the most recent scientific evidence and it has “significant concerns about the appropriateness of a recommendation to remove milk and milk products from the diet”.

A spokesperson for the AMA said it was “disappointed” by the decision, and called for the government to “consider how we can better promote healthy eating and health”.”

We believe dairy products have a positive impact on health, and are the perfect source of calcium and vitamin D,” the spokesperson said.


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