Dairy farmers ‘not going to pay for a fair wage’

Dairy farmers in the country’s most populous state, Penang, are among the biggest beneficiaries of a law that bans the import of cheap imported milk and butter.

But the law also imposes hefty fines on farmers and makes it harder for them to buy the products from overseas.

The government’s new dairy law, which took effect in March, is intended to help farmers in Penang avoid the black market by encouraging them to sell directly to customers.

But some farmers are not so lucky.

Aarong Dairy Products said it has been forced to lay off 1,000 workers and raise prices for some products, including milk, cheese and butter, as a result of the law.

“I think the dairy farmers here, in a way, are not going to be able to survive, in terms of the cost of the milk and the cost to pay the workers,” said farmer Siti Bambangga, who is also a dairy farmer.

She said the law, along with other measures aimed at protecting farmers’ livelihoods, would hurt their business.

“If we don’t sell the milk, we can’t afford to pay these workers,” she said.

Penang’s dairy industry has been hit hard by a shortage of milk and other commodities, which has pushed up the price of milk.

Aarsan, a popular dairy in the province, is the largest producer in the region, with more than 70 percent of its sales coming from milk, according to a report by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO).

The law aims to help Penang farmers get better prices, but it’s also expected to have a negative impact on the local economy.

The law requires the state to import milk and cheese from the country of its origin, and the state also has to buy milk and dairy products from foreign producers.

“The state has to import a minimum of 5 million litres of milk a day, and to purchase 5 million tonnes of cheese and 5 million kilograms of butter, from abroad,” said Kavita Sridharan, Penan’s state secretary for dairy affairs.

“This has made our dairy industry more vulnerable,” said Sridhaman, who said that her department had been unable to find foreign suppliers for her state’s dairy exports, which were worth around RM3 billion ($38 million).

She said that when she first proposed the law to her government, it was supported by the governor, but she was told it would only apply to the dairy sector.

“It’s a big problem, because if you are a farmer, you need to import your milk,” she told Al Jazeera.

Farmers’ demands for fair pay are often met in a bid to protect their livelihoods and reduce corruption, which is rampant in Penan.

“In the past, there was a system of patronage and corruption.

But now, the situation is different,” said Bambangan.

“We have a lot of issues with the government,” said Taimi Muhon, a farmer from Penang who works at the dairy processing plant of Taimia.

She told Aljazeera that her family, who owns the plant, was forced to close down the plant because of the new law.

The new law, however, does not apply to farmers who are members of the Penang Agricultural Union (PAU), the union representing the dairy industry.

“As a farmer who sells milk, you have to pay your dues and buy your milk from your own farm,” said Muho.

“What’s wrong with buying your milk and selling it to your customers from abroad?”

The new dairy price increase, which came into effect on April 1, is likely to have little impact on farmers’ incomes, said Mihon.

“My business is already going to collapse, my production is already gone, my business is not going there,” she added.

Farmers say the law will hurt the economy.

“Farmers are going to go to work without milk, because we have no other option,” said Gohi Hatta, a dairy worker from Pena who works for the union.

“They have to buy their milk in the market.

The only way they can survive is to sell milk, and they will do that by the market price,” he said.

The increase in the milk price has been particularly hard on dairy farmers, who have already been hit by rising costs for their products.

“There is no money left for buying milk, so the milk prices have gone up, and our cost of living has gone up,” said Dusun Ustin, a milk buyer who sells his milk in Pena.

“For our farmers, it’s a nightmare,” he added.

Muhono said that if the government were to impose a tax on imported milk, the new dairy prices would make a mockery of the government’s claims that the law would protect farmers.

“Even the cost will be too high for the farmers to make a living from milk,” he told Aljamain

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