Irish dairy products will be included in new Bitcoin currency

Irish dairy producers will soon have a new cryptocurrency to support their efforts to sell products and make money in a digital currency.

The National Dairy Board announced that they will use the crypto currency to pay their employees and keep dairy farmers afloat.

The announcement comes as many of the country’s biggest dairy companies are struggling to make ends meet.

The dairy industry is the biggest employer in Ireland, with 1.3 million workers employed in the country.

With prices and tariffs in the region of €1.5 billion, the dairy industry has been a huge source of revenue for Ireland for decades.

But the dairy sector has seen a dramatic fall in demand as more consumers opt for cheaper imports.

The Irish government recently launched a new tax scheme aimed at tackling the problem, with the aim of cutting the price of milk by about 20 percent by 2019.

The government also plans to increase subsidies to farmers, who are also struggling to get enough money for milk production.

In an attempt to keep the economy afloat, the government is investing €1 billion in dairy farming projects.

The new crypto currency will help pay for the dairy subsidies, according to the announcement.

The board says it has received several proposals from Irish companies looking to use the new currency to make a living.

The blockchain will be used to help manage the transactions, as the blockchain is currently not backed by any central authority, but by a private entity called “the crypto-token” or “thecoin”.

The board says the crypto-currency will allow for payments between a company’s workers and the owners of the dairy, who will be able to receive the payments directly from the owner, or from the company itself.

The crypto-coin can also be used for other things, such as the payment of wages and dividends, the board added.

The crypto-coins will be made available to the dairy workers at no cost, the announcement said.

The first batch of crypto-collections will be released in mid-December, with another batch expected to be released at the end of March.

The dairy companies in question include:Cargill, ConAgra, and The Crocodile Group, which employ more than 20,000 people in Ireland.

It said it will use “crypto-currency” to fund the operations of its dairy operations in a blockchain-based payment system, which is similar to how payment processing works in many online shopping portals.

The Crocodile Group has said it plans to create a “smart contract platform” to process transactions in the future.

A spokeswoman for the company said:We are delighted that the National Dairy board has decided to use their own cryptocurrency as part of their financial management system, and will support their dairy farmers in this effort.

The move comes as more and more companies are trying to make use of cryptocurrencies in order to keep their businesses afloat.

Bitcoin, the most popular digital currency, is currently worth about $20,000, with many businesses using it as a way to make payments to their customers.

But many others are trying the same approach.

In March, the Bank of England declared Bitcoin an “intrinsically volatile asset”, meaning that the cryptocurrency could lose value over time.

Meanwhile, some U.K.-based retailers are looking to offer the crypto coins for use in their stores, as a means of getting customers to pay for goods.

In June, the British retailer L’Oreal said it would be using the crypto currencies to support its operations.

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