How to avoid a headache with the perfect Korean milk

Dairy products are the latest and greatest health threat in Korean cuisine.

The country has one of the highest rates of diabetes and cardiovascular disease in the world, and a massive shortage of milk, eggs, and dairy products is a growing problem.

Here are the best ways to avoid headaches and other digestive problems.


Avoid milk and egg products with a high acidity.

“High acidity is not good for digestion, but it is very beneficial for the digestion of other foods, like milk,” said Lee Min-woo, a professor of dietetics at Seoul National University.

“In the long run, the high acidities are the main source of problems for the body.”


Avoid eggs, cheese, and other dairy products that contain lactose, which can cause acid reflux.

The average American consumes about 2.5 pounds of milk a day, and it’s not uncommon to eat up to 4,000 eggs a week.

But the World Health Organization recommends that you limit your consumption of dairy products containing lactose (a byproduct of the production of milk), especially when it comes to dairy products made with eggs and cheese.

“Lactose is the main cause of acid reflow,” said Kim Eun-seok, a health scientist and director of the Seoul National Institute of Food and Nutrition.

“When you consume dairy products with lactose it triggers a release of acid in the stomach, causing a problem.”


Avoid high-acid products like dairy products.

“If you eat these products, you are going to suffer from the acid reflows,” said Jeong Yoon-wook, a dietitian and researcher at Seoul University.

The acid reflation causes acid buildup in the intestines and stomach.

“You can avoid these problems if you avoid them,” he said.

“The dairy products are high in calcium, so if you have a calcium deficiency, you can reduce your calcium intake to avoid acid reflations.”


Limit the amount of dairy product in your diet.

“It is better to eat a lot of milk and eggs than milk and cheese, because milk is really good for the stomach,” said Dr. Jeong.

“But if you’re concerned about the acidity of your stomach, you might want to try other types of milk.”


Be careful with sugar-free and low-fat milk products.

Low-fat dairy products contain more sugar and less fat than regular milk products, and there’s no evidence to support their effectiveness as digestive aids.

But because sugar can cause bloating, headaches, nausea, and stomach pains, it’s recommended that you avoid sugar-based milks and drinks.


Try a protein-rich diet to combat stomach discomfort.

“Milk, eggs and dairy foods are high sources of amino acids and vitamins, which are beneficial for your body,” said Ms. Jeon-seong.

And they can also help to improve digestion and prevent gas.

“A diet rich in protein, especially whey and casein, is a very good option for people with irritable bowel syndrome,” she said.


Use your gut bacteria to keep your stomach healthy.

“Gut bacteria are the building blocks of our intestines, so we need to find a balance between them,” said Jung Yoon.

“Our gut bacteria make the proteins that are in our intestine.

We use these proteins in our stomach to digest and break down the foods we eat.”


Use a low-sodium diet for diabetics and people with other medical conditions.

“Avoiding dairy products and high-salt foods can be very challenging for diabatically and people who have a chronic illness,” said Yoon Sung-jin, a clinical nutritionist and director at Seoul Center for the Study of Diabetes and Endocrinology.

“This type of diet has been shown to reduce symptoms, reduce bloating and reduce gas, so you should try it for your own health.”


Don’t skip the protein-packed protein shakes.

“Soy protein is also high in protein,” said Mr. Jeang.

“There’s nothing better than the soy protein shakes for a good digestion, which is very important for people who suffer from acid reflels.”


Eat fermented vegetables and fermented dairy products as part of your diet plan.

“Fermented vegetables and dairy-based products are really good,” said Hyun Woo-ho, a food scientist and researcher from the Seoul Institute of Nutrition.

And there’s evidence to suggest that fermented dairy and vegetables, especially fermented yogurt, have been shown not only to help with digestion but also to lower the risk of heart disease and other chronic conditions.


Eat fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.

“Whole grains are rich in fiber and are the most healthful and well-rounded foods,” said Chae Min-seung, a senior nutritionist at the National University of

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