When milk producers stop buying cow’s milk, the market will go nuts

AUSTIN, Texas (Reuters) – When dairy producers stop selling cow’s milks to U.S. consumers, the U.H.T. Dairy Products Co. dairy industry is likely to suffer a blow, analysts said.

If dairy producers don’t stop buying dairy products from China, they’ll lose market share and will likely need to cut prices to attract new customers, said John Deere & Diversified Analyst Paul Dixson.

That could mean a drop in the milk price and some loss of profit, but also could mean more investment by the company in new products.

“The question is, will the company be able to recover its market share, or will it be cannibalized by other dairy companies, as it’s likely that China will become a bigger competitor and that will lead to some loss in profits,” Deere said.

“We are concerned that they will have to reduce their products.

We are not saying that they won’t be able recover, but they may have to make some tough decisions to keep the business going.”

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Deere said U.R.C.O. dairy is already suffering from a lack of demand and that its milk sales will likely fall, even as the industry has gained in popularity in the U, where the UHT brand is already popular.

U.H.-owned UHT said last month it sold a $2.2 billion deal for its UHT products and brands to global food giant Mars, which plans to expand its U.C.-brand portfolio.UHT is still operating in the lower end of its dairy market.

It currently has about 7 million cows in its UH herd, and a fourth of those are lactating.

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