What you need to know about dairy products in the UK

Dairying is the oldest, largest and most important business in the country.

The dairy industry is estimated to employ more than 12 million people and account for almost 40% of the UK’s GDP.

In the UK, the number of dairy farms has increased by almost 40 million in the last decade.

The average cow produces about 2,400 kg of milk a year and a large number of farmers produce up to 500,000 litres a year.

Dairy farmers in England and Wales make £1.8 billion from the milk sold to consumers, while in Scotland, the average dairy farmer makes £1m a year, while on the Isle of Wight the average farmer makes less than £300,000 a year from his or her dairy cows.

In 2014 the average UK dairy farmer had about £6.5m in income, and in 2013 it was around £4.2m.

It is estimated that £3.9 billion in the EU is spent on dairy products annually.

The majority of these products are sold in the supermarkets and restaurants, where they are sold at high prices.

But what is the difference between the milk and cheese and the cheese and butter that you get from your local farmer?

A cow can produce up from 4 to 6 liters of milk at a time.

These are called “milk” and they are divided into different categories according to the age and maturity of the cow.

The oldest cows produce milk at about 1,800 years old.

This is because the cow has been in the herd for at least 10 years.

The milk is then divided into two main categories.

The first category is the cream, which is a mixture of fat and protein.

This can be found in butter, cheese and yogurt.

The cream is very high in fat and contains more proteins than the milk.

The second category is cheese.

This includes cheeses such as mozzarella, provolone, ricotta, gorgonzola and Romano cheese.

These cheeses contain a mix of milk and milk fat.

This helps to increase the milk’s milk content and milk flavour.

The cheese is made from the cream and the milk fat in the cheese.

It has been used for centuries as a dairy product.

The main dairy products made from milk are cream, cheese, yoghurt and yogurt, as well as milk products such as milk, milk products, milk substitutes and dairy milk products.

What are the different kinds of dairy products?

Dairy products are classified according to their composition.

In terms of their milk content, cheese is the most commonly used.

Cheese contains approximately 80% of milk protein and 20% of fat.

It contains around 30% of calcium and 10% of phosphorus.

Other cheeses include ricotta and grated Parmesan.

Cheese also contains milk fat and is very low in fat.

Milk is produced from the rind and is usually made from white, red or white-wheat milk.

In Europe, milk from rinds is used in many cheeses and some other products.

There are also milk products made of dairy milk.

Milk substitutes are also used in cheese making.

For example, cream cheese substitutes are made from dairy milk instead of milk.

Many other dairy products are also made from cow milk.

For instance, cheese made from raw cow milk contains less fat and cholesterol than its milk equivalent.

In general, cheese can be made from a range of different types of dairy product including goat milk, goat milk cheese, goat cheese, chicken milk and duck milk.

How do you know if you are eating dairy products that are made with cow milk?

There are many ways that you can tell if you have eaten dairy products from cows.

Dairy products from rinsed cows are often shown to have a higher fat content than cow milk products and it is also possible to tell if a product has been processed with cow fat.

The products that you buy may also contain milk fat or may be marked as “milker”.

Dairy products can also have a different taste to their milk counterparts.

If a product is labelled as milk based, then you can be certain that the product contains milkfat and that it is made with the milk of cows.

The same can be said of any other dairy product that you purchase.

A milk product with a label that says “cow milk” is generally dairy milk, but the milk is usually not made from cows themselves.

For more information, visit the Dairy Information website.

What is the EU dairy products rule?

The EU rules on the EU supply chain are intended to make sure that the supply of products is regulated in line with EU regulations.

The EU rule requires that products that have been produced from dairy products and that contain milkfat be labelled as such.

In this way, EU dairy rules will make sure dairy products do not cause harmful health effects, especially when consumed in moderation.

This rule applies to all EU member states except the UK.

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