What you need to know about BHDP dairy products

The BJP government of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who took office last month, has promised to ensure a better life for farmers in India’s north-east.

But some are not happy.

The state of Gujarat has a long-standing dispute with the BJP over cattle grazing rights.

In January, the BJP-led government in Gujarat passed a controversial law that requires farmers to share cattle grazing lands with neighbouring states, even though there are no cattle grazing areas in the state.

A law that could force farmers to pay for land they already own or lease out to neighbouring states has also been approved in the southern state of Tamil Nadu, which has some 5 million people.

But farmers in the north-eastern state of Mizoram say they do not want to be forced to share land with neighbouring state.

“There are people who live in the valley of the Yamuna and they want to protect their cows, but we don’t want to share the land with them,” said Suresh Kumar, who owns two cattle grazing properties in Mizoradan, an area of 1.2 million people near the border with Myanmar.

“We are not against any person or any community, we are against the BJP government,” he said.

But the BJP, which is not keen to upset farmers, has said the move would only lead to more disputes with neighbouring Indian states.

Its latest farm bill has sought to ensure farmers have enough land to grow their own crops and beef, dairy and poultry.

The bill also includes measures to ease land acquisition for dairy and beef cattle by providing for an end to compulsory registration of cows in the country.

But while the bill aims to improve conditions for farmers, some farmers say they are not getting much from the government, especially after a spate of suicides among the population.

“The government is not doing anything.

It is just trying to make a name for itself,” said one farmer who gave his name as Vipin Kumar.”

It seems like a government that is not going to work on the farmers,” he added.

Bharat Dairy products, which make up the mainstay of the diet of Mizo-speaking farmers in northern India, is made from milk from cows raised by the Bhatti family, the ruling Congress party.

“They do not care about the wellbeing of the animals, or even the quality of the milk.

The government is just looking after its own interests,” said Vipinsar Bhattin, a farmer from the same area.

In Mizorapur village, Vipinas mother, who has a cow, said the milk from her cows was safe for her and her family to drink.

“Our cows have been grazing in the same village for generations, and the milk is safe.

The milk we have here is better than the milk sold in Delhi,” she said.

The government of Mizore has denied that any change was made in the cattle grazing rules in the area.

A spokesperson for the Mizorin state government said the government would not be commenting further on the issue, adding that the state was “proactive” in fighting the spread of the disease.

The Mizoran state government has been criticised by human rights groups for failing to take action against the suicides, which the government has attributed to a lack of knowledge about the health effects of the virus.

Bhupendra Singh, a health expert and former head of the Indian Medical Association, told Al Jazeera that the situation was not acceptable, adding: “I have been in Mizore for almost two years, and it is still one of the poorest states in India.”

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