What you need to know about the dairy industry

1.3k Shares Share The dairy industry has struggled to find a job lately.

In fact, dairy production jobs have declined by about 9% since 2014, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

According to the National Dairy Producers Federation, in 2017 alone, about 4.5 million jobs were lost in the dairy business.

And those are just dairy production workers.

The rest of the workforce has either moved on to other industries or simply disappeared altogether.

As of 2016, only 15% of American dairy farmers had a job, according the Dairy Production Jobs Act of 2017.

That number dropped to about 6% by 2020, and to about 3% by 2022.

A lot has changed in the past decade, but it’s hard to imagine a situation in which this workforce is back on track anytime soon.

That’s why the dairy farmers industry is taking a major step to fill the job gap.

The Dairy Industry Jobs Act was passed by Congress in 2018 to provide a $50 billion loan to help businesses like milk processors, refiners, and producers hire more people.

The act was signed into law in 2020 by President Donald Trump.

The dairy producers loan, which is intended to go toward the first phase of the program, was set to run through 2024, but Congress decided to cut the loan funding to the first year of the loan, and that has left the dairy producers jobless.

The reason for the cut in funding?

The USDA has cut its loan guarantees to the dairy farms to an average of $30 million a year.

In addition, the dairy sector is also struggling to hire the number of people needed to support the dairy production industry.

“We’re seeing a significant decline in milk processing jobs,” said Mike Sowter, president of the National Farmers Union.

“A lot of that has to do with the fact that dairy production is being replaced by processing.

So the dairy workers who are going into the processing sector are going to be in very short supply.”

It’s hard not to feel bad for these farmers.

But in the end, the industry’s job is to provide milk for people, and a large part of the job is being left behind.

The average worker in the American dairy industry, for example, makes $13.55 an hour.

If that’s not enough to support a family, how can you expect them to pay their bills?

The dairy companies have a number of ways to compensate the workers.

They have generous incentive programs, which give them bonuses for making milk, and they have an incentive program that allows them to buy their own milk and sell it on their own.

But as dairy producers have gotten more efficient, the incentives for the workers have gotten smaller.

The USDA said that the average wage of a milk processor rose from $15.13 an hour in 2018, to $15,539 in 2020.

But it was only about $1,300 in inflation-adjusted dollars.

In 2018, the average milk processor received $13,948 in federal loan guarantees, which averaged out to about $3,100 in 2020 dollars.

So when you compare the wages of the average worker and the average dairy processor, it’s not exactly a win-win situation.

It’s a loss for the average American dairy worker, who now have less income.

But dairy farmers are hoping that a major expansion of the milk industry will help fill the gap.

“The goal is to get the industry back on its feet, and we have been in this business for 30 years,” said Sowters partner, Dave Mancuso.

“There’s no doubt in my mind that if we keep up the pace of growth and continue to grow the market, we can find a way to support our families and help our dairy industry.”

It won’t be easy, of course.

But with the loan funds, the U.S. Dairy Board hopes to bring the average cost of milk production to a level that can help dairy farmers compete on a level playing field with other producers.

The National Dairy Council said it is still in discussions with the USDA to see if there are any additional funding options for the loan.

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