How to cook for your camel by the river

What do you do when your camel is sick?

You feed it milk.

Or you just leave it on the beach, and it doesn’t eat anything, does it?

It’s not a camel that can be eaten.

So, you feed it camel milk.

But when it’s not eating, you have to feed it some sort of camel meat, like a goat’s milk, or some sort, like sheep’s.

And it’s like that for the rest of its life.

And then you go back and you give it camel meat.

It’s like an animal.

You can’t just put camel meat on your camel, it’s so big and so heavy.

So you need something else.

And so that’s what we do.

We give it some kind of camel food.

So we’re giving it some type of camel milk that we’ve never eaten before.

And we’ve been feeding it camel food for a long time, and we’ve found out that it really doesn’t taste anything, and the camel’s actually very healthy.

It has a normal diet, and a normal immune system.

So it’s actually kind of like a cow, and sheep, and goats.

So I think that we’re able to feed our camel, and also give it other animals, and then we can have it eat something else, because it’s very good at being able to digest things, and so we have some good food for it, and some good meat for it.

And what we have is a herd of camel that is very good in food processing.

So the camel can get a lot of food.

It can get good quality meat, and very nutritious meat.

So that’s the goal, and that’s how we get good camel food, and how we can do this work, which is how we have the camel.

So in this way, we’re also able to save money on the production of this camel meat by taking the time that we would otherwise be spending on processing and packaging and feeding it.

So this camel is now in the process of being able that you can see, in the feed, we’ve got some camel meat that’s been processed.

We’ve also got some milk that’s already been made and stored in the herd, and now that it’s matured, it can be fed to our cattle.

We have to do that, so we’ve now got a herd that is able to handle this type of meat.

And this is the same herd that was being fed goat meat, or goat milk, because the goat meat doesn’t have the same nutritional value as camel meat and so on.

So with this new camel meat product, we can now feed that herd of livestock, and at the same time we can also feed the herd that can’t be fed goat, or camel meat—and we’re really good at that, too.

And I’m really excited about it.

This is a very exciting time for the camel, because we’re actually seeing the first results of this, and they’re very positive.

So there’s a lot that we can learn from this camel, from this herd of cattle, from camel milk, and from camel meat to feed the sheep.

So if we do all of these things well, then it’s a very sustainable solution for the whole camel industry, and for our own people as well.

And now, I want to give you a brief look at some of the new products that are coming out of Saudi Arabia, and you can learn more about them at

What are you going to do with a camel milk product?

Well, I think we have to make sure that we have a very healthy camel, so that it can have the health benefits that we know it has.

And the camel is really good, because of its immune system, and its immune response.

So when it gets sick, we don’t want to feed camel meat as well as other camel products, because camel meat is much better than goat meat.

We can feed the camel camel meat more, because its immune systems are very good, and all of the other camel meat products are not as good.

So our camel is going to be very healthy, because all of our people are going to have healthy camel milk for the foreseeable future.

So what’s a camel?

It looks like a little goat.

It also has a very large head, and when you feed your camel milk or the camel meat it produces, you get the best of both worlds.

It tastes good, it looks good, so it’s kind of a winner, so to speak, and as you can tell from the images, it doesn to be afraid of you.

So a lot has been learned from the camel milk industry, from how it’s produced, from the quality of the camel products that it produces.

So one of the great things about camel milk is that the quality is really high, and our

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