How to make a homemade, vegan milk cake with the power of the internet

By now you’ve heard of the delicious, vegan chocolate milkshake that’s been making the rounds in your favorite bars, restaurants, or cafes.

If you haven’t, here’s a quick guide on how to make it.1.

Add some sweeteners to the milk.

Sweeteners are a staple in dairy desserts, but sometimes they’re used in a way that’s less palatable to the health conscious.

Here are some of the sweeteners you should avoid: xylitol, stevia, agave nectar, stearic acid, sucralose, or dextrose, which are all known to cause serious side effects in humans.2.

Make your own sweetener.

One of the best vegan milk cakes is made with a simple combination of milk, water, and sugar.

Here’s how: Add a tablespoon of plain, unsweetened vanilla extract to each cup of milk.

Stir in half a teaspoon of coconut oil (or other non-dairy vegetable oil).

Pour the milk mixture into a medium bowl.

Stir until smooth.

Add your choice of sweetener to the top of the mixture.

Pour the mixture into the refrigerator for several hours, until the milk is very soft and creamy.3.

Add more milk.

The recipe below is from The Whole Milk, and it uses 2 tablespoons of coconut milk, 2 tablespoons (or more) of soy milk, and 2 tablespoons/15 grams of flaxseed oil, which gives a smooth consistency.

But there are many variations.

In my version, I added 1 tablespoon of honey, which also makes the milk more palatable, and 3 tablespoons/50 grams of sugar.4.

Use almond milk instead of water.

As we’ve seen in other recipes, almond milk is a much healthier alternative to tap water, because it contains less water and less fat.5.

Add honey or agave.

To make a vegan milkshay, I use agave syrup.

To sweeten, I add 1 tablespoon agave extract (or agave oil) to a cup of tap water.

This is what makes it more palatesome and gives it a smooth, creamy texture.6.

Make a chocolate cake.

You can also make a chocolate milky cake by mixing a teaspoon (or a tablespoon) of agave powder with a teaspoon or two of sugar in a medium saucepan.

Add a few tablespoons of milk to the pan, and stir until the sugar is dissolved.

Add milk, agaves, or chocolate chips.

Add vanilla extract.

Add coconut oil, if you want a more sweet cake, and you’ve got yourself a tasty, vegan dessert.7.

Use other dairy substitutes.

You may want to replace a couple of ingredients, like almond milk, with non-milk alternatives.

For example, you could substitute chocolate chips for cocoa butter or honey for maple syrup.

Or you can add vanilla extract and maple syrup together, making a chocolate cupcake instead of a vegan milkcake.8.

Serve it as a vegan dessert, with a homemade vegan buttercream frosting.

You could add whipped cream or coconut cream to the frosting, or use powdered vegan butter for a frosting with a more dairy-friendly consistency.9.

Use it as part of a dairy-free dessert.

Use a vegan buttercup, vegan cupcake, or vegan cake for a dairy free dessert.

This would include chocolate milk cake, vegan milky cupcake with whipped cream frosting or a dairy buttercream cake with a vegan frosting frosting made with milk or cream.10.

Make it vegan-friendly for your family and friends.

You don’t have to add a vegan-only cake to your family gathering or party.

It can be a great way to make vegan desserts, and be sure to include some non-Dairy ingredients, too.

Here is a vegan recipe for vegan chocolate cake:11.

You’re not limited to only one dairy product.

You might have other dairy-based desserts you’d like to add, like banana bread, coconut macaroons, or a vegan ice cream sundae.

Try adding these to your favorite desserts.

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