How to stop eating the cow meat you ate

Unpasteurized and non-dairy milk products like yogurt and milk are generally considered to be safe.

However, the Australian Dairy Products Association has come under fire for what it says is misleading and deceptive advertising.ABC News reported on Tuesday that the association is working on a new advertising campaign, which the organisation says will help educate consumers about the safety of milk products.

The new campaign is designed to dispel myths about milk, including the notion that milk is not pasteurized, that it is safe to drink raw or un-pasteurized milk and that raw milk is more nutritious.

The campaign also includes videos and graphics which show people how milk can be made into a nutritious and healthful food, the association said.

The ABC has also reported on the Australian College of Food Technologists (ACFT) saying raw milk does not contain any trace of the bacterium Listeria monocytogenes, which has been linked to outbreaks in Australia.

In response to the ABC’s report, ACFT director of research Dr Richard Fagan said the group has already had many discussions with dairy producers about the need to educate consumers.

“There are no ‘good’ dairy products,” he said.

“We don’t think there is any milk substitute that is as nutritious, as tasty and as high in nutrients.”ACFT is working with a range of dairy and food producers across Australia to develop new advertising campaigns which are tailored to the consumer’s interests.

It said the campaign will not be an exact copy of the ones already in place.

“The focus is on the science behind the science, which is very specific and has not been affected by the advertising,” Dr Fagan told the ABC.

“They don’t have to replicate the advertising as far as I know, but the focus is to try and provide the consumer with information that is relevant to their own personal preferences.”


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