What happens when a food manufacturer’s milk and cheese is contaminated with GMO?

A small California dairy farm has become the latest U.S. company to face the wrath of the Obama administration after the dairy’s milk tested positive for the toxin, which is used in GMO corn.

The FDA said in a statement Thursday that the dairy has agreed to take corrective action to ensure that its products do not contain GMO corn, which the agency said is “contaminated with highly toxic organic amylase.”

The statement said that the company is working with the FDA on a “consultation and mitigation strategy” to ensure its products are not contaminated.

The dairy, which has a small staff, has been producing dairy products since 2002.

The milk, produced by the Saras Dairy Co., tested positive last week.

The farm, located in Pueblo County, produces about 300,000 pounds of milk a year, according to the Saratoga County Times.

According to the dairy, it has been making milk since the 1940s.

The company says the contamination was detected when a cow grazed in its field, and that the contaminated milk was taken to the California Department of Agriculture and Industries (CAISO), where it was tested for GMO corn residues.

The government has yet to make a decision on whether to ban or allow the dairy from producing milk in the future.

“The dairy has been working closely with CAISO to ensure it has all necessary approvals to resume production of its milk,” Saras said in its statement.

The statement also said that “the company has taken additional steps to ensure the safety of its product, including providing a laboratory to conduct periodic testing.”

In addition, the dairy said it was testing the milk at the farm’s facility in the San Diego area.

Saras is the third U.T. agribusiness to be found to have a GMO-contaminate product on its dairy products.

Earlier this year, the American Cancer Society and the Food and Drug Administration issued a joint statement urging the Obama Administration to ban GMO corn and GMO dairy products from the U.K. and France, citing “potentially serious health risks.”

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