Trump defends dairy ban as a good move

Donald Trump defended his executive order banning dairy products from the U.S. and Canada as a “good move” as he defended his position on other topics.

Trump, who has a history of being outspoken on issues of race and immigration, tweeted Thursday that “it was a great decision, but I wasnt going to sign it” on Thursday.

“Dairy is a great product for the world,” Trump tweeted.

“Its great for our country and we need it for our jobs, our economy and our environment.

If we could get away with it, we would do it.

We would do the same thing.”

The executive order was first announced on January 30 and had been criticized by dairy industry and human rights groups for targeting a food group that has long supported Trump.

On Friday, the U,S.

Food and Drug Administration issued a statement saying the ban would have an immediate and significant impact on the dairy industry.

“We are working closely with our dairy partners to make sure the dairy products affected by this order are safe and are not impacted by this further executive action,” the agency said in a statement.

Trump has been vocal about the dairy ban, which he called “unfair” on a recent campaign stop in Wisconsin.

“This is the worst executive order Ive ever seen in my life.

Its not fair, it’s unfair.

It wasnt meant to be,” Trump said at the time.

Trump’s tweets came after a day of events in which Trump spoke at length about the ban, saying the order was designed to hurt the dairy sector.

“I can tell you, dairy is killing our jobs.

We’re losing $50 billion a year.

It’s not fair.

It is not fair,” Trump told the audience at the Wisconsin Economic Club.

“It’s a very unfair, it is a horrible, horrible thing.

We are going to fight back.

And we are going for every last drop of that money.

And I will fight for it until it is stopped.”

The president said he will be looking at the dairy-producing states in the region and the country.

“Our country needs dairy and we are so fortunate in this country that we have this great country,” Trump added.

“But I am very sad to see that our country is not going to have dairy in this nation for many years to come.”

In the days following the ban’s announcement, Trump has also continued to argue that the ban is “unconstitutional,” a point that has prompted some dairy industry leaders to argue the dairy companies should be able to make products outside the U., especially when dairy farmers are paying for their own products.

Trump tweeted Thursday night that he “wouldnt have done it if the dairy producers in our area didnt want to pay for their product.”

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