When Congress doesn’t fix dairy products, it’s time to fix the rest of us

House Republicans want to do away with dairy products.

They’re asking President Donald Trump to let them pass a bill that would exempt dairy products from any federal health requirements.

Democrats and some conservatives are concerned that the dairy bill would also make it more difficult for consumers to buy dairy products online.

| AP Photo The Hill’s Editorial Board digs into the future of Congress.

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The bill is a compromise, a compromise that would give states the power to set their own rules about how dairy products should be sold, and would allow some states to impose health mandates on certain types of milk products, like cream and yogurt.

It also would exempt a few dairy products — like milk — that are currently regulated by the federal government.

The proposal would allow the Department of Agriculture to set minimum standards for dairy products and to require that milk products meet a certain nutritional profile.

The federal government has the authority to set nutrition standards for milk, and it’s not clear how it would determine what constitutes a nutritional profile that’s “adequate” or “adequately fortified.”

But the legislation would give the USDA broad authority to regulate products and products containing milk.

That would allow dairy producers to raise milk prices or cut production to meet government guidelines.

It’s a proposal that’s already been in the works for more than a decade, and the Agriculture Department says it’s a necessary step to bring down costs for dairy farmers.

But critics say it’s also a way to keep dairy prices low and to give the federal Government more power over food production.

“The proposal, as it is written, gives the USDA more leeway to regulate dairy products,” said Chris Grosh, executive director of the Center for Science in the Public Interest, a group that opposes mandatory food labeling.

“This is not a plan to ensure that consumers are getting the right nutrition.

This is a plan for the USDA to take power away from consumers and give it to Big Food.”

The farm bill also allows the Department, which regulates most agriculture, to issue food-safety standards for the production and distribution of milk.

The proposal is designed to give farmers the tools to protect themselves and their families from unsafe milk.

But some people worry that the legislation is so broad that it would require dairy farmers to pay for additional inspections of their facilities, or that they would be required to produce milk in facilities that don’t meet the standards.

It’s unclear whether the proposed legislation would include a federal mandate for milk labels, but Grosh says he would be surprised if Congress didn’t make it mandatory.

Republicans and dairy farmers say the legislation wouldn’t make a dent in the price of milk because the cost of milk is a function of the value of the product, not the nutritional profile of the milk.

“A bill that does nothing to prevent or reduce milk prices will make a significant dent in milk prices,” said Mark Salzman, senior vice president for government affairs at the Dairy Products Association, a trade group.

“The legislation doesn’t do anything to lower the cost, and we think that a substantial number of dairy farmers are concerned about the impact of the legislation.”

But he says that the measure doesn’t address the problem of milk shortages in the U.S. because it wouldn’t have addressed the problem with the dairy industry, which is the single largest source of demand for milk in the country.

Under the proposal, the Department would have broad authority over how dairy farms should set their milk production and marketing practices.

But dairy farmers and industry groups say the federal regulation of milk could be overly broad, and they argue that the industry would be better served if it were allowed to set its own milk standards.

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