The best camel milk in the world

The best-selling camel milk brand in the UK is selling out of its supply chain and has been replaced by a new competitor, according to consumer watchdog Consumer Watchdog.

Read moreConsumer Watchdog said on Monday that the UK’s camel milk supplier, the Royal Camel Supply Company (RCS), had been selling off its supply chains, leading to the company’s closure.

Read full storyRCS has previously said that it is planning to sell off its camel milk supply chain, citing increased demand from consumers.

On Friday, it said it would also cut production of camel milk from the UK.

The RCS said it had been forced to close its UK camel milk manufacturing facilities following increased demand in the market.

“The company has been unable to meet its supply and demand obligations and the business has been forced into a transition programme which is to cease production and supply,” the company said in a statement.

“These measures will take effect in early 2019.”RCS, which is based in South Africa, said it was unable to comment on “business matters”.

However, the company had previously told the BBC that the “resurgence” of demand had been driven by consumer demand and was not linked to the closure of its camel supply chain.

“We are in an industry in which there are no other viable alternatives,” the spokesperson said.

“Camel milk is a natural product and we know consumers will not be able to get the same milk they used to get.

The industry is facing challenges and the industry has to adapt.”

Consumer Watchdogs UK is calling for the closure and withdrawal of all other camel milk suppliers.

“This is unacceptable and puts the livelihoods of thousands of people at risk,” the consumer watchdog said in its report.

“Consumer groups have raised concerns about the way in which the RCS has been selling its supply of camel milks to customers in order to compete with the new rival.”

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