Keto dairy products for kids with autism

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The Keto Dairy Products line has two flavors, Keto and Keto Classic, which offer a more refined texture with a sweet and sour creaminess that’s perfect for a quick snack. 

They also offer Ketogenic, a flavor that’s a blend of two keto flavors, including the popular keto sour and ketogenic sour, and Ketsubo, which features an all-natural blend of fruit and vegetable flavors. 

Each line contains 6 g of protein and 25 g of fat.

The first Keto Classic flavor is made with avocado, almond, cashew, coconut and banana powder, while KETSUBO flavour features sweet corn and blueberries, along with the classic ketchup, mustard and vinegar. 

You can also choose between a creamy vanilla and a sweet orange flavored. 

Included in the Keto Creamy Vanilla and Ketsubocore are powdered chocolate, peanut butter, banana chips, cinnamon and a sprinkling of powdered coconut cream. 

These flavors are available in the KETO Creamy and KETO Classic flavors, which come in a 12 oz. jar.

For the Ketsubsubo flavor, they also offer a Kesquixole blend of banana, coconut, avocado, pineapple, pineapple juice, and a splash of coconut milk. 

This blend is available in KESQUIXO flavors and flavors that include KEsquixolle (kesquiñol, kesquine, ketchup, kesh-chiqui), Ketchup (ketchup or ketch), and Ketchup (ketchups, kettles, ketsubs, keton). 

Keksquixoles are also available in flavor packs of Ketzel, which is a blend between a sweet and spicy lunchbox, or Kezel, which is a mix of a sweet, sour and savory pizza sauce. 

To get started, the Keto Crunch flavors come in the 3g Ketzel and 3g Kesh-Chiqui flavors. 

I was able to get a sample of the Kekquixols for free, but you can get the flavors in the $8 Keto Deluxe flavor packs, which also include a gulp of Kettles or a gulp of Ketzels. 

For more, head over to the Soylent Green blog for all the latest information on the new Keto product line, and keep an eye out for more updates throughout the year!

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